Sunday, 24 April 2016

69 Colebrooke Row

This tiny place, a short walk from Upper Street on an Islington backstreet, is where bar-wizard Tony Conigliaro first came to widespread prominence. Conigliaro has a laboratory upstairs, producing unique cocktail ingredients which find their way into the drinks here and at his other venues.
The cocktails here actually seem much straightforward than many people expect, with fewer (and less weird) ingredients than those found at many other London bars, although there’s real dedication evident in every sip. There’s a serene simplicity in mixes such as Death in Venice: campari, grapefruit bitters and prosecco.
The visual style is classic jazz-age, and a pianist provides the soundtrack. Conigliaro’s fame and the bar’s size mean that it’s best to book, but the prices, given the reputation behind the place, are extremely reasonable.


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(The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
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