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The Monopoly Pub Crawl

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The Monopoly Pub Crawl

After our third successful attempt at the Monopoly pub crawl, we thought we should put up a page about it. Here you can find the route, as well as some pictures of the event itself.

The Route

We've made a route guide for the Monopoly Pub Crawl complete with nice pictures of each pub and directions in between. At some point we'll put up a printable version. There are now two different routes for you to choose from:
The original route The route is based on an old version which we used on our first few attempts. We've updated it as the pubs have changed and to deal with the bus routes being renumbered over the years.
The in-order route This visits most of the same pubs as the original route, but does so in the order that they appear on the Monopoly board. Consequently there are more time constraints when doing this route. The station stops are optional, since leaving them out makes the route easier, and avoids some very wasteful travelling from one side of London to the other and then back again. The route was contributed by Gus Paul.
We were recently asked to remove the pub we had for Oxford Street from the list. So if you do the crawl, please report back on where you went (we've put some alternatives in from

The Strategy

26 pubs might seem like a tall order, and it is if you have a pint in each one. Since we prefer to finish the whole route rather than pass out halfway through we usually go for a half pint in each. There's usually at least half an hour to spare at the last pub for more drinking. It's a fun day out whether you're drinking or not. If you are drinking, you can make it a lot easier on yourself by eating at every possible opportunity and by drinking water as the day goes on.
Please drink within your limits. Remember that landlords, bouncers and patrons are not going to be too happy with a huge crowd of loud drunkards turning up for quick half. In particular we have had to remove two pubs from the list recently because landlords were unhappy. So it's best to try to keep to a reasonable level of sobriety and volume if you want to finish the crawl and not ruin it for everyone else! If there are is a large group of you, try to split up into smaller groups near the end and go into different pubs if there's more than one available.
Most importantly, remember to stay safe while doing the crawl. It's easy to think you're invincible when you've had a bit to drink, so be careful of the London roads and follow the Green Cross Code!

The Hall of Fame

Click on the Hall of Fame to see a list of people who have completed the route!


Photos are available on the Monopoly Pub Crawl flickr group. Feel free to join and upload your own!
There is a photo gallery of the 2002 trip. The photos were taken by Dan Lister, be sure to check out his page.


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