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Address: 99, Queensway, London, W2 4QH

Tel: 0871 951 1000 (ref 3333) 02077270259

Nearest Tube Station: Babyswater: Circle and District line

t's part of the Taylor Walker pub chain now, rather than Rat & Parrot. Compared to the other 2 Taylor Walker pubs within the area (the Kings Head is only 100m away), it has a much smaller range of cask beers - both han

dpumps tonight were Youngs London Gold - unfortunately my choice in the KIngs Head! This pub is early 20th century building in the middle of busy queen sway. it is closed to the Whiteley center, the vary placed that Hitler planned to make his headquarters had he scceeded in invading England.Has a very pleasant atmosphere, but the range of beers on offer is not impressive. Just the usual stuff found in a local off-licence



28a Comeragh Road, West Kensington, London, W14 9HP

Tel: 0871 951 1000 (ref 4232)

Nearest Tube Station:

Barons Court:District and Piccadilly lines west Kingsingston.

I first visited this pub in the 2008 before I had moved to London but often visited friends in the area. This pub has wonderful novelty of having a theatre underneath it.

The interior of the pub has a theatrical theme and was renamed in honor of the Barons Court Theater which is located in the basement. if i say its remarkable for its inner decoration i was not wrong same public vies i got after visited here .

The inbuilt theater has about 60 seats that surrounded by archways on the three sides the playing area is very small what i noticed and whole is surrounded by archways on the three sides where the audience sits. About mean i simply say as Punjabi man an enjoyable place to grab pint of ale or a delicious meal.

Like many pub theaters that are located upstairs or in the back room, the Barons Court Theatre is located in the cellar/vaults below the Curtains Up Pub. It has been around for about 16 years (but looks like it has been there forever).

The theatre has about 60 seats that surround the stage on three sides. The playing area is an intimatel square surrounded by archways on the three sides where the audience sits. Sometimes the directors use the audience space as playing area (for example in their production of Antigone, the chorus sat in the front row of the audience. The theatre has a very intimate feel. You can look the actors right in the eye (in fact one winked at me during a show recently).

The artistic director at Barons Court is Ron Phillips. He produces about 70% classics and 30% new works. His focus in selecting productions is plays that will entertain (rather than focusing on a particular genre).

The Curtains Up pub is a fairly upscale place that can get quite packed on the weekends. It is also an enjoyable place to grab an ale or a meal before the show (they have a restaurant in the back and you can book a table by ringing 020 7386 7543).

The Globe

The Globe
43-47 Marylebone Road ,Marylebone London NW15JY


Nearest Tube Station:

Baker street: Bakerloo, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Circle Road Hammer smith & city lines .

The Globe pub was built in 1735 , the first ever omnibus servies from Holbom Road stopped here.Later the world first underground, the Metropolitan line was Constructed a few feet from the tavern.

Many famous charactors have been patrons including Charles Dickens, Sir Aruther Conan-DOYLE and William Pitt the younger who was presented alcohol for pleurisy as a baby and by the age of 12 was an alcoholic. He continued drinking steadily and made prime minister at the age of 24.

The Globe Tavern is an old pub which is said to have a ghost. Fish & chips are served and can be taken away. Additional dining is offered in the upstairs restaurant which has a Continental menu. Entertainment includes fruit machines, arcade games and a juke box.


welcome to London eclectic and diverse, London offers you he opportunity to experience trad
itional England at its best. from breathtaking architecture to mind-blowing museums , there is always s
omething to see and experience. Visit the The Flower & Antique Markets or opt for cutting.

This web is your essential guide to
the very best

in London:"s traditional pubs.Search by an area of London and we shall show you where the pubs are in relation to the nearest tube station and local attractions.g-edge fashion outlets, there is something fo r every

one. Visit Buckingham Place,an

d watch the changing o guarder relaxing Hyde park , watching the world go by.Remember , when you are done, there will always to be traditional pubs nearby-which present royal London with royal thoug

This is my personally visit and experienc e in London which try to find me each individual pub is steeped in history.

As well As the beautiful exteriors,the inside of every pub holds many treasures of the days"gone by:from the features to framed photographs. most have historical story to tell and some are even visited by ghosts.

All the pubs have a bustling atmosphere where you

can choose to stand and join in or sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere. In every street mostly you will find women are smoking cigarette and having bear"s bottle in hand .whatever you choose i guarantee that you will experience traditional fayer, unique surroundings and friendly service from unforgettable characters.

MY TOUR TO LONDON--------London Bridge is a bridge between th

e City of London and Southwark in London, England, over the River Thames. Situated between Cannon Street of London

Railway Bridge and Tower Bridge, it forms the western end of the Pool

The area between London Bridge and Tower Bridge on the south side of the Thames is managed by the London Bridge Business Improvement District (BID) Company. The old

London bridge is remarkable for its history and beauty.

The current London Bridge is often shown in films, news and documentaries showing the throng of commuters journeying to work into The City from London Bridge Station (south to north). A recent example of this is actor Hugh Grant crossing the bridge north to south during the morning rush hour, in the 2002 film About a Boy.

As the first splinters of sunlight spread their warmth on the south bank of the River Thames on Thursday, it became clear that after more than a century, the vision of Victorian engineer Alexander Stanhope St. George had finally been realized.

The Telectroscop

e lets Londoners and New Yorkers see each other in real time.

In all its optical brilliance and brass and wood, there stood the Telectroscope: an 11.2-meter-(37 feet) long by 3.3-meter-(11 feet) tall dream of a device allowing people on one side of the Atlantic to look into its person-size lens and, in real time, see those on the other side via a recently completed tunnel running under the ocean. (Think 19th-century Webcam. Or maybe Victorian-age video phone.)

And all the credit goes to British artist Paul St. George. If he had not been rummaging through great-grandpa Alexa

nder’s personal effects a few years ago, the Telectroscope might still exist only on paper, hidden away deep inside some old box.

But fortunately, St. George could not bear that thought and thus decided he should be the one to finish what his great-grandfather had started. It was quite simply the right thing to do. Plus, it would make a pretty cool public art exhibit. Send us your videos, images or stories

During the twilight hours Tuesday, massive dirt-covered metal drill bits miraculously emerged — one by the Thames near the Tower Bridge and the other on Fulton Ferry Landing by the Brooklyn Bridge in New York — comple

ting the final sections of great-grandfather Alexander’s transatlantic tunnel.

The drills were removed Wednesday night and replaced with identical Telectroscopes at both ends, allowing Londoners and New Yorkers to wake up Thursday, look over to the far and distant shore and stare at each other for a while (the telescope-like contraption permits visual but not vocal communication).

Of course, only part of this story is true.

St. George is an arti

st in Britain who does have a grandfather — minus the great prefix — named Alexander. Don’t Miss

* Flower power: Beatle garden opens * $175 hamburger on Wall Street * NYC tourists seek ‘Sex and the City’ * Web site: The Telectroscope * Send us your videos, photos or stories

And the trans-Atlantic t

unnel is really a trans-Atlantic broadband network rounded off on each end with HD cameras, according to Tiscali, an Italian Internet provider handling the technical side of the project.

As for the Telectroscope, well, it was a fanciful idea that, according to St. George, came about from a typo made by a 19th-century reporter who misspelled Electroscope, a device used to measure electrostatic charges - as Telectroscope.

“The journalist also misunderstood what it was about and wrote in the article that it was a device for the suppression of absence,” St. George said. “The accidental hope captured their imagination, and lots of people at the end of the 19th century thought it was a great idea.”

The Telectroscope captured St. George’s imagination five years ago, when he began pondering how to do a project on the childh

ood fantasy of digging a hole to the opposite side of the Earth. And because the artist also happens to have an expertise in Victorian chronophotography — a precursor to cinematography — he had a slight idea of where to look for the proper equipment.

“We all have that idea in our head if we could make a tunnel to the other side of the Earth,” St. George said.”But we are not all crazy enough to actually try and do it.”

St. George was crazy enough to actually try and do it, but he realized he could not do the digging alone. So about two years ago, he p

itched the idea to Artichoke, the British arts group responsible for taking the Sultan’s Elephant — a 42-ton mechanical creature — for a stroll through central London in 2006. The company was immediately taken by St. George’s idea.

“The whole thing is about seeing what is real and what isn’t real and how the world is,” said Nicki Webb, a co-founder of Artichoke. “Is it nighttime when we are in daytime, and does it look familiar to us or not?”

When the sun illuminated the lens of the Telectroscope next to the Thames, it was, of course, still nighttime in New York. So the screen inside the scope broadcast back only an empty sidewalk silently framed by the Brooklyn B

ridge and the Manhattan skyline.

But then something miraculous occurred.

A police officer and a street cleaner walked into the frame. Stopped. And waved.

The Globe Theater – Tribute to Shakespeare
The Globe Theater is a faithful reconstruction of the open-air playhouse first built in 1599, where Shakespeare worked and for which he wrote many of his greatest plays. The Globe Theater is just a 5 min walking from London Bridge
on the Thames river. One can ask by any passerby he will guide you ,if u fail to catch the way to reach The Globe . If can you imagine the old time what you have seen in old movies or pictures you will find same thing or if i can say its beyond the our imagination iam not wrong.

“Totus mundus agit histrionem” is thought to have been the motto of

the first Globe. It spoke of a gloriously robust Elizabethan ambition, a desire to brook no boundaries in the new playhouse”s field of imagination. It is an ambition which has been taken up by reconstructed Globe. Within its open and expensive architecture , fired up by energy and excitement of its unquenchable audience , the new Globe has respected no limits to what its aims to archive.

No one stretched that ambition further than Shakespeare, and this year we celebrate the glorious untruly diversity

of his work In the form and in content, he was never content to rest, never tempted to repeat himself , always searching to kick his muse awake by taking the new corner of human heart , and encasing its new form. This year when i visited in London i see great play of Shakespeare king Lear:, his most wild inventive comedy , “A Midsummer Night”s Dream “. his most thrilling and savage satire, Timon of Athens and his invention of new form , the sit-corm, in The Merry Wives of Windsor.

To add to fun the party we are premiering two expensive new works Che Walker”s Ultra-Modern, wild and panoramic look at London on a Saturday night, The Fr online , and Glyn Maxwell”s beautiful and engaging narrative from French Revolution, Liberty. Both satisfy the Globe:s h
unger for big stories, intoxicating language, and much life.

It is wonderful to think that a

reconstructed theatric , that opened more in hope than expect ion elven years ago, in then empty and derelict region called Bank side is now capable of embracing to much of human life into own wooden circle, and is now proud to spread that ineffable Globe spirit elsewhere.

King Lear

By William Shakespeare
23 April-17 august

Directed by Dominic dromgoole
Designed by Jothan fensom
Composed by Claire kampen David Calder
As king Lear his most profound tragedy Old king Lear, weary of royal duties, decides to break up his kingdom, divide it among his there daughters, and present the largest part to the one who loves him most. his two eldest daughters profess their love extravagantly, but young Cordelia refuses to flatter him. enraged, he banishes her to franc.But the old king’s rash generosity is cruelly repaid. c

ast out by his daughters onto

This production will employ renaissance staging, costume and music.
a bare heath during a pitiless storm,Lear discovers too late the false values by which he lived and, devastatingly, the suffering common to all humanity. its tempestuous poetry shot through with touches of humor and moments of heart- rending simplicity, king Lear is one of the most far- reaching artistic explorations of the human condition. king Lear reunites Dominic dromgoole, Jonathan fens om and Claire van kampen after their stunning production of love’s labor’s lost in 2007

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By William Shakespear


10 may-4 October

Directed by Jothan munby composed by olly fox

His most sparkling comedy

Hermia loves Ly sander and Helena loves Demetrius-but Demetrius is supposed to be marrying Hermia. when the duke of Athens tries to enforce the marriage, the lovers take refuge in the woods outside the city, and walk into the midst of a dispute between the king and queen of the fairies. and they are not alone. so, too, does a group of amateur actors rehearsing a play. between they angry fairies, the bumbling players and the dazed lovers, flies puck armed with a love juice capable of making anyone fall for the first person they set eyes upon – no mater how unsuitable. Shakespeare put some of his most dazzling dramatic poetry at bthe service of this teasing, glittering, very funny and amazingly inventive play, whose seriousness is fleetingly glimpsed beneath its dreamlike surface.

‘Shakespeare”s Globe is Going from Strength to Strength








HIS sharpest satire

Timon, a rich and generous Athenian, showere his friends with gifts and hospitality. Only the cynical and suspicious Apementus and Timon’s steward, flavius, try to stem the flow of his prodigality.At last, the money runs out and Timon turns to his fair- weather friends for help. one by one they refuse, and Timon, once the city’s most carefree philanthropist, turns into its most savage misanthrope.

In this unblinking expose of human selfishness, absurd comedy and grotesque spectacle veer suddenly into tragic satire and savage invective. But Timon”s virulence is tempered by the vulnerability and the play also contains some of Shakespeare”s greatest poetry.Thia is an opportunity to see great and fascinating work all too rarely performed.
Lucy Bailey returns to the globe as a director and William Dudley as designer. no one who saw it could forget their overwhelming and enorm

ously popular Titus Andronicus in 200



Two scaled-down touring shows take to the road this summer, coming to the globe stage for one day only.If you can’t make it to
Shakespeare’s Globe then pack the sun cream and picnic rugs and head for another stunning open-air setting.

Tickets for Globe performances

$40 ,$ 30 $ 10 (The amount was written by me in Dollars)


****” The production transforms the variable Tardis of theatrical delights–Bold and clever, this Romeo Juliet is bound to entice—-” The Herald Globe performances on 18th may at 1.00 pm and 6.30 than you can see in

last month of December on the eve of x–miss


Globe director John Dove(THE WINTER”S TALE) revisits Shakespeare “s magical story of jealousy, love and redemption with new open-air touring production .Globe performances on 18th may at 11.00 pm and 5.30 than you can see in last month of December on the eve of x–miss.

The Tragedy

of Macbeth

By William Shakespeare, Nicholas Brooke.

When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain? W

hen the hurlyburly’s done,

When the battle’s lost and won. Fair is foul, and fou
l is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

Tragedy of Macbeth Shakespeare In a tragedy the main character rises to greatness, then continues to fall down a shame spiral which leads to their down fall. …





His great bourgeois farce

The fat knight Sir John Falstaff imagines that Mi

stress Ford and Mistress Page are both taken with him and so, attracted as much by their husbands’ money as their personal charms, he decides to woo them both. but the women are up to the old lecher’s tricks and turn the tables on him with a series of humiliating assignations, midnight terrors and a very damp, extremely smelly laundry basket.
Gutsy, colloquial and bustling with vivid characters, The Merry Wives of Windsor is a brilliantly constructed farce and the only comedy Shakespeare set in his native land.It is also the ancestor of English bourgeois comedy and gave birth to a tredition that reaches down to the production will make merry with aspects of life in middle-class Elizabethan England.
Following their witty and hilarious production of The Comedy of Errors at the Globe in 2006, Christopher Luscombe returns as director and Janet Bird as designer





Saturday night outside Camden tube; god, strip bare, weed, crack,lost old men,unemployed actors and vegans of collide in a riptide of chaos on the streets of Landon. There’s Beth the reformed Christian and Erkenwald the hot- dog seller, old Rag dale on a quest to find his daughter, MORDECHAI Thur rock the acuter_playwright and Clayton the dealers and junkers, whose trade both sustains and destroy the lives of those around this vibrant and blackly comic new play, a dozen private stories emerge and their voices give utterance to a storm of subjects and the feelings: pop culture and the sexual fa nasty, the ruins of empire and the delusions of religion , foreign oil and prehistoric London.Che Walker, winner of the George Devina Award and the regular playwright for the Royal court, bring to the Globe stage a panorama of contemporary London, encompassing the cruel and the tender, the gutter and the stars.


For the first time in over 15 years , Foots barn return to London blend of visual their unique blend of visual theater, music and magic. The inspiring company have traveled the world for 25 years. Cele bating and sharing Shakespeare”s genius with people of all cultures. Now for five performances only, they join us with a specially conceived celebration for the magical space of Shakespeare”s Globe.

Special Events in Shakespeare”s Globe

The globe in partnership with Phoebes Cart continue the tradition of Mark Rylance”s Sonnet Walks.Walkers can choose from two tours of Tudor london, strolling from either Westminster ABBEY OR Shore ditch to the Globe as sonneteers entertain them along the way. Saturday afternoon we cam see.

Shakespeare”s birthday

Shakespeare”s birthday is remarkable event for Globe . Celebrating Shakespeare”s birthday and the lunch of our 2008 theater season with special event by the river . The open day and the Shakespeare”s birthday event are organized as a part of Mayor of London”s celebration’s for St George”s Day.


Enjoy the Globe”s unique atmosphere under the stars for A Midsummer Night’s Dream , The FRONT LINE , THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR ,THE KING LEAR .Breakfast will be served after the show in the bar and on the pizza.

About the Exhibition

Theatre Tours »
Guided tours inside the Globe
Included with your entry to the Exhibition and the highlight of any visit to the Theatre.

Costume »
Costumes for Shakespeare’s stage
Designing, making and fitting costumes – at a dressing see an actor transformed into a Shakespearean heroine.

Music »
What are those weird instruments?
Music is very important on the Globe stage, find out about the unusual instruments and how they’re used.

Special Effects »
Cutting edge theatrical effects
Elizabethan audiences loved gore and magic, and similar simple but spectacular effects continue today.

Printing »
The journey from stage to page
Printing was a new phenomenon in Shakespeare’s time – without the 1623 First Folio we wouldn’t have many of his greatest plays.

Rebuilding the Globe »
The Globe returns to Bankside
The remarkable story of the rebuilding of the Globe Theatre in the 1990s.

Special Events »
Special events inside the Exhibition
Information on events in the exhibition, including special displays and demonstrations.
Over 90000 people of all ages and nationalities , from pre-school to postgraduate students, individuals and families, teachers and scholars.lobe Research aims to share the work of scholars and theatre practitioners through research seminars, symposia and public lectures.

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