Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Globe

The Globe
43-47 Marylebone Road ,Marylebone London NW15JY


Nearest Tube Station:

Baker street: Bakerloo, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Circle Road Hammer smith & city lines .

The Globe pub was built in 1735 , the first ever omnibus servies from Holbom Road stopped here.Later the world first underground, the Metropolitan line was Constructed a few feet from the tavern.

Many famous charactors have been patrons including Charles Dickens, Sir Aruther Conan-DOYLE and William Pitt the younger who was presented alcohol for pleurisy as a baby and by the age of 12 was an alcoholic. He continued drinking steadily and made prime minister at the age of 24.

The Globe Tavern is an old pub which is said to have a ghost. Fish & chips are served and can be taken away. Additional dining is offered in the upstairs restaurant which has a Continental menu. Entertainment includes fruit machines, arcade games and a juke box.


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