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The Gun

The Gun

The Gun

27 Coldharbour, London E14 9NS

TEL: 020 7515 5222


Nearest car park is:
Lawn House Close NCP
London E14 9YQ

In the late 18th century, Lord Horatio Nelson purchased a property just up the road (still known as Nelson House) and he regularly visited the docks to inspect the gun until his death at the glorious battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Lord Nelson and the gun would frequently meet regularly Lady Emma Hamilton in an upstairs room (now called the River Room) for their secret assignment.

The gun also has a long association with smugglers landing site and distribution via a hidden tunnel. To date there is still a secret peephole in the circular staircase to watch "The Revenue Men".

As the banks of the island prospered as the Docks to become the local pub for dock workers, stevedores and boatmen.

In 2001 a devastating fire destroyed much of the interior of the old building and the pub was closed for three years. Then, the current owners and brothers Tom and Ed Martin Acquired the scene and spent about nine months meticulously restoring class II listed building beautiful in close consultation with Heritage Italiano. Tom and Ed King, opened in 2004 and owned and operated since then, the critically acclaimed Gun significantly.

The Gun now has a 40 cover dining room in the main bar, back bar with two pins, two private dining rooms and a fabulous terrace that seats Riverside 50. There is also an outdoor patio cover 80 to the right of the barrel which is open from May to September for summer drinks and barbecues was fantastic and the private parties.
Pubs menu --- Cashel Blue, Ireland (blue, cow’s milk, pasteurised)Gubbeen, Ireland (washed rind, semi-soft, cow’s milk, pasteurised)Caerphilly Gorwydd, Lampeter, Wales (semi-hard, cow’s milk, unpasteurised)The restaurant lunch and dinner menus are also available in the bar areas. The pub menu is not available on Sunday lunchtimes, our Sunday lunch menu will be served.


14 Lillie Road,Fulham,London SW6 Itu
Tel:020 7385 7441
Nearest tube station: West Brampton District line

This pub dates back to 1903 and stand on the street where everything is named after alady called Lillie. History states that the then prince of wales,later to become king George,had a mistress, Lillie, that lived opposite.The interior has many interesting features,with original photographs depicting Earls Court when it was afarm, and one of king George outside the pub in hisautomobile.


Venue Type
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00; Sun 12:00-22:30
  • West Brompton
Outdoor Area
There is outdoor seating capacity for 200 people.

The Earls Court Tavern

The Earls Court Tavern Address: 123 Earls Court Road, London, SW5 9RL

Tel-- 020 7370 2760
Big wheel keeps on've probably seen the london eye down the,
road near the houses of parliament .
But the original was in earls court 100 years ago and errant husbands,
used to blame its frequent break down
for being late home.The area has always been a showcase,
for everything that's new and.
The Earls Court Tavern, which was around when the original
wheel was going round is no exception.
We've taken the best of the old and mixed it with a
modern approach to good food and drink
to please our visitors from around the world