Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Beard Friendly’ Hackney pubs are joint winners

Both pubs were declared joint winners after a tied online poll, organised by The Beard Liberation Front (BLF), an ‘informal network of beard wearers’.
BLF Organiser Keith Flett said there had been a record vote for the award.
“Beards and East London are something of a media stereotype but the Cock is very much a functioning pub with a diverse range of customers and beers,” he explained.
“Like many things the BLF does, the Beard Friendly Pub poll is a mix of the rather light hearted with some more serious points lurking behind.
“The Beard Friendly Pub will have an ambience that welcomes beards, that is, at least some of the bar staff will be hirsute and a noticeable numbers of the customers as well.
“It will also sell beard friendly beers - that is not just standard bitters and lagers but interesting IPAs, stouts and much else in cask, keg and bottle.”
The Bag of Nails in Bristol came top outside London.


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