Tuesday, 26 January 2016



Not all is what it seems on the surface at the Morpeth Arms. Lurking beneath the pub in our basement is a corridor of holding cells that are rumoured to be haunted by prisoners and prison workers from the nearby Millbank Penitentiary. Prisoners were led from their cells through underground tunnels to the lock up underneath the pub, where they were kept whilst they waited to board convict ships or the floating prisons, ready to take them to the land down under! #oldschoolpunishment #moderndaytreat

Ever heard the term POM? Wondered what it actually means? We have heard loads of explanations, but the one we like and believe to be true is P.O.M- Prisoner of Millbank. The Morpeth Arms, a place to drink, a place to eat and a place steeped in history! #morethanjustapub

A sophisticated and stylish room made for socialising. Situated on the first floor (no more hidden gems, I promise) with stunning views over the River Thames, the room gets its name from the famous MI6 across the water.

The sophistication and style comes from the room being themed on 1920’s secret agent and exotic dancer- Mata Hari. Perfect for almost any occasion, it would take a true secret agent to sniff out a room like this!

We even have our own sets of binoculars hanging from the windows so you can spy on the spies! So, if you would like to hold your gathering in the Spying Room, give Gary a call and he will go through all the T's and C's and hopefully get you booked into our diary. Be quick though, the room is very popular.


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