Friday, 29 January 2016

Angel, Rotherhithe, established 1850

Angel, Rotherhithe, established 1850

Angel pub in RotherhitheDrink where the locals drink. Even if they stare.
This historic pub overlooks both the ancient ruins of King Edward III’s Manor House (built in 1353) and rows of council estates -- which explains its peculiar mixture of clientele.
Downstairs it’s clearly a locals pub. Every head in the place is likely to turn as you walk in and the barman is likely to curse and moan about the smoking ban.
Meanwhile, tourists sit quietly upstairs in the dining area, gazing out of the window at London’s beautifully lit-up bridges.
There’s been an inn here since the 15th century; the monks of Bermondsey Priory built the first one.
Although the front of the building has been completely refurbished, its legends remain -- Captain Cook supposedly drank here before he embarked on his perilous journey to Australia, and Samuel Pepys was a local during the 17th century.
Sadly, nowadays, the atmosphere is cold and doesn’t live up to its fables -- the interiors are sparse and spacious, with obligatory nautical artworks and some dog-eared shipping books.
Verdict: Disappointing. History but no soul (or ale).


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