Friday, 29 January 2016

Ye Olde Bell Tavern, the City, established 1670

Ye Olde Bell Tavern, the City, established 1670
The old bellNot even a Great Fire can keep a London pub down.
There’s been a tavern in this very spot for more than 300 years; originally it was named "The Swan."
The best seat in the house is by the window, under the kaleidoscopic stained glass. The main bar area is simple and to the point -- solid tables crowd around the central bar.
The building was destroyed in 1666 thanks to the Great Fire of London, but architect Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt the inn for his masons, who were working on St. Bride’s Church.
It’s also believed the printer Wynkyn de Worde used this pub as a workshop and sold his books here hundreds of years ago.
Much later, London gin distillers Nicholson’s bought the building.
Verdict: Decent beer selection but lacking atmosphere.
95 Fleet St., London EC4Y 1DH; +44 207 583 0216;


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